Young Nebraska Scientists

Young Nebraska Scientists (YNS) began in 2008 to provide hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) enrichment activities for middle and high school students. Nebraska EPSCoR conducts YNS summer camps integrating the research themes of recent Nebraska EPSCoR grants. YNS also sponsors summer research internships in university laboratories for high school students.  

Mobile Labs

Nebraska EPSCoR’s Mobile Labs program offers specialized equipment and instructional support for authentic science laboratory experiences that augment classroom learning. Teachers request Mobile Labs kits from Nebraska EPSCoR, which ships them to the requesting school; when the unit is completed, teachers return the materials (at no cost to their schools) to NE EPSCoR. Nebraska EPSCoR Mobile Labs reach more than 1,000 ethnically, geographically and socio-economically diverse Nebraska secondary students each year. 


Nebraska EPSCoR engages people across the state with activities that broaden the positive impacts of scientific grants we are awarded.  Annual events presented with NE EPSCoR typically include:


Nebraska EPSCoR organizes the annual Nebraska Research & Innovation Conference (NRIC) to focus on a research area from our current grants. As many as 350 attendees have gathered to hear world-class speakers and join discussion of research that benefits the state.

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