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The NSF EPSCoR Co-funding program enables funding of proposals from EPSCoR jurisdictions that have received meritorious review and are recommended for funding but lie at or near the cut-off for funding by the specific NSF program. Co-funding enables more NSF awards to be granted to researchers in EPSCoR jurisdictions, leverages EPSCoR investment, and facilitates participation of EPSCoR scientists and engineers in Foundation-wide programs and initiatives.

NSF EPSCoR cost-shares between 30 to 50 percent of the total award. The cost-share decision is internal to NSF funding process, and neither the Principal Investigator submitting the proposal nor the Nebraska EPSCoR office needs to take action for the PI to be considered.



National Science Foundation
U. S. Department of Energy
National Institute of Health

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Event News:
Nebraska EPSCoR hosts NSF-funded plant science conference: April 6-7. in Lincoln.
NSF awards $20M to Nebraska for plant-soil research
Multi-university collaboration includes team science and workforce development.
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from Nebraska EPSCoR.
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