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Funding Opportunities: For the Private Sector

Scientific and technological collaborations between industry and universities enrich the academic experience and facilitate economic growth. As a part of its National Science Foundation awards, Nebraska EPSCoR offers the private sector two key mechanisms for workforce and economic development: the Nebraska Engineering, Science and Technology Research Internship Program (NESTIP), and University-Industry R&D Partnership Program.

Nebraska Engineering, Science and Technology Internship Program (NESTIP)
In order to facilitate substantive undergraduate and graduate experience in private industry in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (the STEM fields), Nebraska EPSCoR developed the NESTIP program in 2001. Nebraska EPSCoR shares the cost of student internships at private companies for up to 12 months, paying for up to 50% of the student's salary and related FICA taxes but not more than $5,000 in a 6-month period. NESTIP funds one student per business at a time. Applications are accepted at any time and are selected on a competitive basis as funds for the program are available. For more detailed program information, please go here.

University-Industry R&D Partnership Program
Nebraska EPSCoR's R&D Partnership Program is a cost-share program that began in 2004 with the intention to foster new partnerships or strengthen existing partnerships between faculty of Nebraska research universities and state industries. This program will subsidize a portion of the cost of an industry R&D project when a faculty member is contracted by the industry to participate in the project.

For more information on the types of projects funded, please go here. Check our Requests for Proposals page for details and deadlines if you have a project that may merit participation in this program.

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